Hello, I am Madison, and an interesting observation is shared by me is: Why do guys never describe themselves as beautiful? I get it now, the world is maybe made by guys for us women to have a life, to have a job, to make our own house, not to be depending on a family anymore. Why we hate guys for the most beautiful gift they have given us? A voice, independence, and most of all, the freedom to exploit our sexuality. Did you know that the USA economy was built on the income the prostitutes made in the Wild Wild West? So, we have no reason to complain and I am not here to say you how beautiful I am. I am here to give you THANKS for all you do for me, and I want to give you something nice to think about, me being naked and nude!  Come to my room if you want to feel unique and appreciated!

I want to say thanks to all the hardworking guys on this website! For me, it is every day a day of the man!!
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